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Ti'Clara All Natural Skincare is a small business made up of innovators, we are constantly updating our product line to best suite our consumer needs.   The products was created in 2016, Georgia. I was inspired to create the product by my late grandmother Clara Fields. She was always making something from clothes, arts and crafts and natural homemade medicines. The idea came from getting a sunburn and I remembered my grandmother made some diaper rash powder. So decided to create a product using all natural products to assist with the healing process, "It worked".  At that moment, I decided to create body moisturizers, facial moisturizers and body scrubs.  All the products are made with natural organic ingredients from the earth; trees, plants, as well as the sea.  The natural ingredients has been proven to be effective with the healing process due to skin irritations and inflammation of the skin.  As well as to keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated all day due to dry skin. I've also realized the body moisturizing cream acts as a mosquito repellant.  

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